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Documentation for the spider programming language
The commands of the programming language consists of a path-based declaration.
These are the currently root paths:

program/ For assembly information and program declarations
audio/ For playing audio files
file/ For handling files (creating, deleting, ...)
dir/ For handling directories (creating, deleting, ...)
console/ Handles the console output (writing, forecolor, backcolor, ….)

The standard operator of spider is this: >>
Comments are like this: #Comment
More parameters are splitted like this: param1; param2

So when you are accessing the program declaration, you first take the program path (program/) and then the declare path (declare). The declare method of the program path consists a parameter. This parameter should be given by the operator and the value of the parameter.

Little Example:
You want to make a program. At first you must declare the program name:
program/declare >> test

And set the program title:
console/title >> My first spider application

Then we want to create a file with content:
file/writeText >> test.txt; This is a test content

At least we want to stop the output:

Save this commands in a *.spider-file and compile it with the arguments „-c [file]“ to an exe.

The "path.xml" file

In this file are all commands for parsing. The .NET-language output is set in a <command>-element.

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